October 31 – All for One

Review of the Three Musketeers at the Seattle Rep.

I went and saw the Three Musketeers at the Seattle Rep.  It was Pay What You Can night,and Halloween.  My Stage Combat teacher Geof Alm played D’Artagnan’s father, and Treville, and a few other people besides, which was fun to see.  I always like to see my teachers in action.

How was the play?  Well it wasn’t bad.  The thing with any story that’s been done over and over and over again, is how do you make it fresh and interesting?  They tried, but I can’t really say they suceeded.

Not that there wasn’t some effort put in. They updated some characters, giving a few women a larger role, and more importantly control over their characters. For instance they added the role of Sabine, who is apparently D’Artagnan’s sister, who disguises herself as a boy to travel with D’Artagnan to Paris.  Oh and she’s a good swordfighter too.  If there is one thing I have a soft spot for is girls dressing up as boys to go on sword fighting adventures.  And it didn’t hurt that the actress was cute.  I give the production two thumbs up for that.

Still the story is the story and you know how it goes.  There was lots of sword fighting, with at one point 10 people on stage fighting simultaneously.  There was swinging from the rafter’s on ropes.  There were guns and cannon’s exploding. There was leaping from balcony to balcony, and all the sorts of swashbuckling action that you might come to expect from Hollywood movie.  And that’s what it felt like to me., a Hollywood movie put on the stage, which I imagine is no small feat.  And like many Hollywood movies, it was pretty to look at, but not much on substance.

Still it wasn’t a bad way to spend a Halloween.  Better than hiding in the dark in our house because we didn’t buy any candy.


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