Oct 29 – It’s all in your mind.

So the tennis game continues.  Back and forth back and forth.  You are annoyed.  I’m annoyed.  You are boring me.  I’m boring you.  You are upset.  You are upsetting me, etc, etc, etc.  The verbalization part has remained the same, but now the framework is getting more complicated.

The repetition exercise is funneled through an increasingly complex conglomeration of imaginary machinery.  Every week new modules are strapped on affecting the output of the input.

Now we have put the exercise on its feet as it were, set it loose in an artificial environment.  First the criteria was Person A was in their room chillin’, Person B comes to the door and knocks.  Then Person A opens the door (or not if they so choose), and lets the person in and the repetition exercise begins.

Then an activity for Person A, the person in the room, was added.  Person A has to be doing some sort of task that has a cap, i.e., you will know when you are done with it.  The activity has to be done for some imaginary reason, but generally in regards to a real person.  Like I’m going to make a cake for my girlfriend because she has had a hard day work because her boss gave her a bad evaluation.  The girlfriend is real, but the bad evaluation is imaginary.

The next module was upping the importance of the activity.  It now has to be based on a life altering event of some sort, again involving a  real person, but imaginary circumstances.  You might be asking, what does that mean?  That’s what we all did.

An example that Robin gave was of previous student whose dad never thought he was manly enough, even though he was a perfectly regular guy, with a family, and a successful job.  His dad was apparently a NFL coach, so his imaginary life altering circumstance was that his dad was getting an award for his football coaching that was going to be shown on national TV.  The son would show up at the event in drag and embarrass the coach father.  The activity would be making the dress he would wear.  The emotional state generated: revenge.

This is all the background set-up for the exercise.  Then while you are sewing away on your dressing plotting your dad’s imminent humiliation, someone comes to you door and your only mode of conversation is stating either what you think their behavior is, or how their behavior is affecting you, while letting the background situation affect you however it is going to affect you.

So for this Sunday I have to come up with an activity.  I have something in mind, but I have to work out more details before the reveal.  I have to tell you this stuff is hard.  The purpose is two-fold (perhaps more-folds that i am unaware of as yet): to exercise our atrophied imaginations, and to help us experience a variety of emotional states, while hopefully managing to stay “present” with your acting partner through the repetition exercise.

If it sounds hard, and it sounds uncomfortable, it is.


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