Oct 9 – On and on and on.

Things are evolving.  When I last posted I was explaining the Meisner Repitition exercise to you.  The observing of your partner, the noting of a characteristic.  The saying of the characteristic over and over and over and over again, until some other characteristic or attribute pops to the forefront of consciousness, starting the cycle one again.

We started with simple statements, like “nose”, moved to “big nose”  then to complete sentences such as, “You have a big nose.”  Then we started noting emotions and the physical expression of those emotions, known as “behavior.”  This would be like “You are offended that I said you have a big nose.”  Often this would just be shortened to “You are offended,” for simplicity.  The person with the big nose would say from their point of view, “I am offended,” and this would repeat until someone noticed another behavior.  And as noted before, the person can change the statement if it is not true for them.

Now we get to also take our response to what someone has said to us, and then put the it back on them.  It’s probably just easier to give an example of what this means.

Bob: You have a big nose.
Alice: I have a big nose.
Bob: You are offended.
Alice: You offended me.
Bob: I offended you.
Alice: You offended me.
Bob: I offended you.
Alice: Your annoying me.
Bob: I’m annoying you.
Alice: You’re annoying me.
Bob: You’re boring me.
Alice: I’m boring you….

It goes on pretty much until some outside force stops it.  When we are in class, it is Robin, and when we are doing our practice outside of class it is generally when our alloted half hour is up,  when we spill our coffee haus beverage into our lap, or some other distraction breaks the flow.

You might be thinking to yourself, why are we doing this?  What is the point?  What do you learn?

These are all good questions, and when I figure it out I will let you know.


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