Sep 28 – You look silly.

So the third night of Meisner.  Again with the warm-ups and exercises.  This time we do an exercise which I have done before, but I always find fun.  I don’t have a good name for it, but here’s what happens.

You pair up with someone and then decide who will be the leader.  Whoever is the leader will lead the other person around the room.  The other person, the follower, will have there eyes closed, and the only thing connect the two will be the very ends of their fingertips.

So the leader guides the the follower around the room, careful not to bump them into the furniture or the object that are now being strewn about for the blind followers to interact with.  Robin runs around pulling out chairs and pillows, mops and ladders, rolls of paper and boxes.

The leaders then take their followers up to an object and place their hands on it.  The follower gets to feel whatever the object is and enjoy whatever tactile information they get.  After a bit with that object the leader takes the follower’s hands off the object and moves on to another.

Then after a while the leader no longer uses the finger tips to lead but just the voice.  You pick a word (I used biscuit) and keep saying it over and over.  The follower tunes in to the sound of the leader’s voice. Again the followers get to interact with objects.

This whole process take about five to ten minutes. And then you switch.  It is very interesting to be the follower.  First of all you have to trust your partner will not walk you into the wall.  It is also more comforting to be led by the fingertips, instead of by voice alone.  Then there is feeling the objects and figuring out what they are.  And at last, you get to open your eyes, only to find yourself in some part of the room, where you didn’t think you were.

After that Gauntlet of Repetition was set up, the chairs aligned in their rows.  We did the Basic repetition, described in the previous entry.  Then we moved on to the level known as Point of View.  In Point of View you get to say a complete sentence.  Back to Alice and Bob. Bob looks at Alice, notices an attribute and says, “You are wearing a green shirt.”

Alice says, “I am wearing a green shirt.”
Bob says, “You are wearing a green shirt.”
Alice says, “I am wearing a green shirt.”
Bob says, “You are wearing a green shirt.”
Alice says, “I am wearing a green shirt.”
Bob says, “You are wearing a green shirt.”

Now here is where it gets a little more interesting.  Let’s say Alice says to Bob,”You have brown eyes.” Now Bob, thinks his eyes are Hazel, so he would say, “I have Hazel eyes.” Then Alice would say, “You have Hazel eyes.” and the repeating would continue.

You only get to change the attribute to make it “true” for yourself.  Someone might say,”You are serious.”, because that is how they interpret your look.  Then if that person feels they are serious, they would say “I am serious”, but if they were not feeling serious, they could change it to whatever they thought they were feeling.

Alice says, “You are serious.”
Bob says, “I am sleepy.”

This repeats until Robin stops it, or until one of the actors, notices another attribute, and then says that.  Again, if the person agrees, they repeat, if not they change the phrase.

And again, we have to meet several people outside of class to practice.  Ignore the crazy people in Starbucks; they are most likely actors.


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