June 26 – It’s over, the fat lady needs a nap.

I’ve been on vacation. Not the traveling kind, but the kind where you decide to do the day to day as usual, but with as little expenditure of energy as possible, to power down the brain, sit out in the sun as if I had solar panels attached to the top of my head, waiting for the batteries to recharge. Brain on hold, blog on hold.

The batteries aren’t totally recharged, but there is enough power now for the brain to make some fluttering attempts at joining thoughts together.

I finished acting school for the quarter and I have five weeks of my six week break left. Sword class is done. I passed my test, barely, but passed nonetheless. You might be thinking to yourself, oh, she is being hard on herself, I am sure she did quite well. And even I thought that myself, but when the test examiner says to you concisely, I am passing you, but it is a low pass, you just squeaked by, it’s hard to take it any other way.

The test was soooooooo loooooooong. I thought that because the three fights we did were about 2- 5 minutes a piece we should be done in about 10 minutes, and of course we had the time to watch everyone else test. And the first part of the test did indeed go by quickly. The second part of the test was a different story.

The visiting instructor/examiner (a fight teacher can’t test his own students, so they shipped one in from the East Coast) gave us some new choreography on the spot, ran us through it, corrected us, let us work on it for a bit, and then we did it in front of the class. Basically we were being tested on how well we picked up the choreography and followed instructions and took correction.

This is why I passed the test. I managed to pick up the broadsword choreography pretty quickly and take the corrections well. The Rapier and Dagger choreography was a different story entirely. Both my partner and I had trouble with it. We had to keep calling him over for help. It was very footwork specific, and I wasn’t getting it. When we performed it in front of the class we had to do it molasses in January slow, while everyone else went fast.

We passed the R&D because we took time to go slow and took all of his notes into account, so even though it wasn’t fighting speed he appreciated our effort.

I was so drained by the end of class. I had gotten there early at 10:30 to practice with my partner, since he had to be out of town the last few days before the test and we couldn’t practice. Then we had the performance part of the test, then the second part of the test. We didn’t finish until about 4:30. I hadn’t brought enough food. I had a pounding headache. My body hurt from using it to much. Oy! Sword fighting is hard work! Don’t let anyone tell you different.

On an up note, I did meet someone who actually reads my blog. Who knew people read this? Aside from my family that is. Anyway, this person is a Freehold student who is going through the first progression of classes, and so was interested in reading my blog. She came up to me at the end of the performance and asked if I knew who Smarly (that’s my clown name) was. And I of course did, and then we chatted a bit before i was whisked off to the second part of the test. She also came to the after class farewell gathering because she knows Heidi, who helps with the testing and also taught our class when Geoff was out.

So another quarter down. I am going to go and see the Meisner final performances tonight. Some of the people I started with are finishing the series tonight, so I am going to see them. It will be interesting to see how they have improved, and maybe give me a glimpse of what’s in store for me, assuming of course I get in.


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