June 5 – Sounds like money.

I’ve been rather overwhelmed with school lately.  The Stage Combat test is only ten days away.  I am nervous.  We haven’t gotten all our scenes and choreography down.  Or I should say that we have the fight choreography down, we just haven’t gotten the talking part down.

At least we finally have scenes now.  That was the hard part. Then we had to edit them down to fit the fight.  I did a version, which was WAY to long.  Luckily my partner took on the task of integrating the talking an fighting bits, and worked it down to something sizable and doable.

Even so, we had to cut more out last night, and rearrange things. We had a practice session, the first where we really got to try out the talking and swashbuckling together.  We only got through the broadsword fight, but at least now I feel like there is some hope.  This Saturday we will work out the unarmed fight and the rapier and dagger fight.  We are running those together into one scene, so that adds another layer of complication in trying to work out the transition from one to the other.  I’ll see if I have to start panicking again after this next class.

On the Voiceover class front, I have a big homework assignment.  I have to come up with six to eight clips to use in voiceover demo reel.  Basically recorded audition pieces. I have to look for things that will highlight my type of voice, and the kind of work that I would like to do.

I think I would really like to do audiobooks.  It seems like it would be fun.  I’m sure it isn’t really, but neither is filing and photocopying and sitting at a desk all day.  I am sure it is hard work, but at least you get to be a bit creative, and I hear the pay is pretty good.  Plus I think it is something my voice might be suited to.  If you’ve read my earlier post, you will hear that I have a good narrative voice that sounds really, really “normal”.

I will find one audiobook piece, and then I will need to come up with some commercial bits.  The nice thing about demo reels is that you can totally rip off actual commercials.  You can do a McDonald’s commercial, or Ford truckcommercials.  The fact that the words are someone else’s doesn’t matter, you just want someone to hear your voice, and if you have a voice that sounds like it can sell Ford trucks, than it’s good to have Ford trucks on your reel.

My problem is figuring what sort of products I would be good at selling, then finding the corresponding commercial, writing down the text and practicing it.  Next class, this coming Monday, we are going to Jack Straw studios, where we are going to record the vocal track of our demo reel.  Later on, if we are so inclined, we can edit the bits of commercial text together, add the background music and sound effects that you hear on real commercials to snazz it up, and presto , professional demo reel, ready to send off to prospective agents and clients.

So I am going to go home tonight and watch TV, for the commercials.


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