April 7 – Up Hill Both Ways

This weekend I returned to the world of Stage Combat.  After almost a month off, I was a bit rusty.  All of us were.  But we picked back up on the choreography pretty quickly.  I was a little worried about my shoulder, since I had torn my biceps tendon a bit just two weeks ago.  I could feel the shoulder, but it didn’t hinder me any.

Since Freehold was forced to move out of their home of sixteen years just a few weeks ago, we had our class at the University of Washington in the Drama Department building.  In some ways this is kind of nice, since I can ride my bike to class.  It is two miles exactly from my driveway to class.

The not as nice aspect is that I don’t ride my bike all that often, because I am lazy, and Seattle has a lot of hills, one of which has my house on top of it, and another which has the building my class is on top of it.  Going to class was pretty good since it is all down hill until the last half mile, which is then up hill.  And of course mostly up hill on the way back.

Now if you are a serious biker, as most bike people in Seattle are, this hill wouldn’t be any big deal, but if you are me, this hill is a big deal.  I rode about half way up and then I had to get off my bike and walk, quadriceps burning and legs of jello.

I reached the top, found the building and room.  It was a nice open space, bright and sunny with white walls, really high ceiling, and hardwood floors.  So much nicer than the black box theatre/oven we were in before.

Even though it was a different space it felt like home.  Why?  Because there were acting cubes.  Ah, acting cubes, how can I sing your praises?  There were acting platforms, and step platforms, and random furniture bits, a piano.  It looked and felt like acting school. There were weird noises coming from other rooms where people were rehearsing.  Some stuff I couldn’t make out, and some opera singing, which seemed appropriate since we started off with some rapier and dagger work.

We ran through the final rapier and dagger bits all the way to the kill, which we hadn’t done before.  A little stabbing, a little throat slitting, bada-boom bada-bing.

We were assigned our partners that we will have for our SAFD certification test.  I got one of the two boys in class, who we will call Quinn to protect his anonymity.  He is pretty good, but sometimes he gets a little excited in that “I am a boy who likes to play  with swords” way, and I want to say (and do), hey, slow down a bit. Not because I am necessarily worried about him hurting me, but because we won’t pass the test if we don’t do it according to the safety procedures.

We have to find three scenes, one for each of our fights.  We have an unarmed fight, a rapier and dagger fight, and a broadsword fight.  I think finding one scene is hard enough, but now three.  Plus, now we have to talk and fight, which is something we haven’t done yet.  I’m starting to get nervous about this test


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