March 19 – New Digs.

Acting school is on break, so I am pretty much out of acting things to write about. My school Freehold Theater is moving, so that’s some news, mostly for them, but I suppose a bit for me.

They are moving from Capitol Hill to Belltown. The building they had been housed in for the past 16 years was sold, so they had to relocate because the rents are going up. So they found a place in Belltown at 2222 Second Avenue, Second Floor. At least the address is easy to remember.

When I heard they were moving I was hoping it would be to somewhere else on Capitol Hill, or maybe closer to my house in the U-District, but no. I guess when you need a space with a theater in it, your choices are limited. This new place has a theater in it, although it is smaller. I haven’t seen it, but hopefully you don’t have to walk across the stage to get out of there, like you did at Freehold’s old space.

Now if you are not familiar with these neighborhoods they are not all that far apart. Maybe two miles apart. So the distance is not that much greater than what I drive now. The problem I think is going to be parking. Belltown is known for its nightclubs and restaurants, and drunken homeless people. In the evenings, when I have class, I fear it is going to be hard to park.

Not that Capitol Hill was easy to park either, it is also known for its nigthclubs and restaurants and, yes, for its drunken homeless people, but you also got frequent drunken drag queens to brighten things up.

I guess I hate change. At least I knew the secret places to look for parking, and had developed strategies for Capitol Hill, that will now have to be revised for the new hood. I am sure I will survive, and maybe even like it. It’s just going to take some getting used to.


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