Mar 14 – In Review

So my voice class is over. In the last class we reviewed the different exercises we went through for each of the body parts, so we could make a list of the ones we liked best so we could keep practicing. We started with the lips, face in general, jaw, tongue, soft palate, neck, shoulders, spine, ribs, stomach, hips and legs. Yes all that is involved when you speak, or should be.

We then ran through our monologues again. This time we were to pick what we wanted to work on, or specifically get out of our monologues. Before the goal was assigned to us, and we tried to do whatever that was that day. I went back to what seemed to work the best for me, and that was the switching up the speeds and depth of breathing during the monologue.

I thought I would try and do it like I had the time before when that was the emphasis for the monologue. I had started out with slow and small, then moved to fast and small, then ended with big and slow breaths.

This time it was different, I started out the same, but I must have changed almost line to line. It just sort of happened. I was thinking I should be doing fast and small here, because this is where I did it last time, but then I started doing something else. But that’s OK I guess, because as my teachers keep saying to me I have to follow my impulse and commit.

So it was totally different, but I think it was the best I have done it. My teacher did say it was the most alive she had seen it. I’ll take that.

Now what I have to do is keep practicing my vocal exercises. They are hard to do, but I guess that’s why we have to practice them. I have been looking for a CD of some exercises that I could follow along with, but I haven’t seemed to really find anything quite like what I want, but I’ll keep looking.

I want to have at least some improvement by the time i get to my Voice Over class next month. want to get the most out of it that I can. It will be fun.


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