Feb 19 – Open up and say Ahhhhh.

First I have to apologize for not blogging the past week.  I will blame it on my busy schedule.  This last week was Kangeiko at my Aikido school.  What’s that?  It is a special mid-winter week of training where the goal is to go to class every day, which I did.

I also went to work, to my weightlifting classes, to my Voice classes, attended a celebration for two people who had just gotten there third degree black belts (using me as cannon fodder), dealt with the landlord showing up unexpectedly to rip up the floors in our bathroom and kitchen to replace the ugly torn linoleum with different (a little less ugly) not-torn linoleum.

So though blogging was on my mind, it got placed on the back burner, then fell off the stove and landed in the dog hair nest between stove and fridge.

I went to voice class twice.  I have picked out my monologue.  I think it is a good one.  It is a scene that Joan Cusack did in the movie In & Out with Kevin Kline.  I saw the movie when it came out in the mid 90’s, but I only vaguely remember the scene, which is good.  I don’t want to do it like Joan Cusack, although I think she is cool, and it was her name that drew me in to look at the monologue in the first place.

We spend a lot of time in class working on relaxing our mouths, jaws, throats, tongue, rib cages, oh, and everything else as well.  Apparently, when you are tense you don’t breathe as much, and tight vocal cords and lack of air make it hard to be loud and clear.

I hold a lot of tension in my throat and tongue (and everywhere else for that matter). Last class we focused on the tongue, which I think is my most tense spot, which sounds strange to most people I think, but there you have it.  Some people clench their shoulders (oh I do that too), some people clench their jaws.  I clench my tongue.

We spent almost the whole time making our tongue do this contortion or that.  I should say trying to make.  I wasn’t very successful with some (most) of them.  My throat hurt at the end, which is what it does when I talk for a long time.  The point is to learn to relax so this doesn’t happen.

I think I am going to need more than this class to get loosened up.  My teacher also does vocal coaching.  I think I see some private lessons in my future.


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