Jan 5 – Snoozeville.

I have finished up my Accent Study class. Now I just have to keep practicing.  I think I am going to buy me a couple of dialog CD’s to practice with, but I am not sure which ones to get.  That and I need to go to England for month or so.

Tomorrow night starts Voice class.  I am really looking forward to this.  I expect it will be a little more interesting than Accent Study.  Not that Accent Study wasn’t interesting, just not a lot of weird stuff to do and write about like some of my previous classes.  Hopefully this will provide more fodder for my quill, and more meat for my adoring fans.

I am going to see a play tonight.  I haven’t been seeing much theater, which is sort of shameful when you are training to be an actor. If only it wasn’t so expensive, or really if I was better with my money, I could go more. Support the arts and all that.  Plus you learn by watching, so they say.

Hopefully I will have more to write that’s interesting soon. Maybe as soon as tomorrow night.


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