Jan 28 – Roight nice noight it iz.

Woil, we ‘ave moved on frum proiper British RP English, an now ar stoodyin’ de moor woiking accen’ Cockney. There are a lot of similarities between the two, and then of course a lot of differences, because they obviously sound very different. In both the “R” before a consanant is dropped, wehk for work, for example. But where Cockney differs the most I think is in the pronunciation of the vowels, and specifically the vowel sounds of RP turning into diphthongs.

So the “ay”sound, is pronounce like an “I”. So same, becomes sime (rhymes with time). The “I” sound becomes “oy” So time becomes toyme. And there are more. Also a lot of consonants get switched out. The “th” as in think becomes an “f”. So “I think I got something stuck in my throat becomes”, “Oy fink oy got sumfin stuck in my froat.”

We spent Thursday night wrapping up RP, and moving on to Cockney, and then three hours on Sunday morning speaking Cockney, which of course we mushed up with RP, because we have been studying that. I started to forget how to talk like my regular old American self.

I don’t know if I am sounding accurate when I am practicing on my own. I need to rent a British person, to follow me around and correct me as I try to talk my way through the day. Moik shur oym speakin’ tha roight whey, an oll.


One Response to “Jan 28 – Roight nice noight it iz.”

  1. Have you heard this guy?

    He’s probably full of “it”, but he’s kinda fun.

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