Jan 7 – Crikey! Schools about to start.

Well, I finally signed up for classes. I am officially registered for Accent Study, Voice, and Stage Combat Part II. My first class, Accent Study, will be this Thursday evening at 6:30. the class is twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

I am looking forward to it. I don’t really know what to expect. I mean I know we will be speaking in accents, but what accents are we going to do, and what are the exercises going to be like. We will have to do scenes, or a monologue, or pretend like we are peanut butter with a cockney accent.

I can pull off a bit of a British accent already, that is as long as you aren’t from Britain. My problem is that my accent will wander all over the British Commonwealth from Ireland to Australia within the same sentence. I don’t always know the differences between some of the accents. If it’s stereotypical Cockney, or someone lamenting over Lucky Charms, or yelling “Crikey, I’ve been stabbed in the heart by a stingray!” I might have a chance of figuring out where it’s from. Other than that, it’s just guessing.

I can’t do southern American accent either. How will I ever play Blanche?

I used to be able to do a really good Valley Girl accent, but I’ve, like, totally lost it over the years away from Southern California. Bummer.

On Saturday I have Stage Combat, continuing my progression with that. We were just starting to do rapier AND dagger. That’s pretty fun, and then we move onto Broadsword. Wahoo!

My Voice class doesn’t start until February, but that’s OK. I have this other stuff to keep me going for now. At least I will have new stuff to write about.


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