Jan 3 – Decisions, decisions.


Classes start next week, and I haven’t signed up yet. Normally I have the registration form filled out the moment it becomes available. Mostly my problem is monetary. How original, right?

The problem is there are four classes I want to take. Auditioning, Voice, Accent Study, and Stage Combat. This totals up to, well, let’s just say a lot of money. So I have to choose, what I am going to take, or I can rationalize away and put it all on the credit card.

I am personally leaning towards the latter. What is a credit card for, right? And I have a girlfriend, who theoretically is going to get some inheritance money soon (Yes, I know about counting chickens and all…), and her money is my money (and vice versa of course).

Adding to that, I have been trying not to use the credit cards because we are trying to pay off our debt (which we will be able to do when that inheritance check comes – whenever that is).

So I can be somewhat selfish and reckless, and charge up the credit card, or I can play it safe and sign up for only one class. I have to take Stage Combat because it is Part Two of a series, and I want to get my certification Society of American Fight Directors certification, assuming I pass the test.

But that class is only one day a week, and there is not much “acting” going on.  A bit, but mostly it is the technical aspects of learning how not to stab your partner or give them a black eye for real.

Then I really want to take Voice. Trust me, I need it. I’ve been wanting to take this class for a year, and they haven’t offered it, so I want to get in while I can, because who knows if they will offer it next quarter and how long I will have to wait.

I will admit that Accent Study is just for fun, but still important. More job opportunities if I can do a few different accents. Still, I could take it later. Then there is Auditioning. That just screams you need to take me. How can you get a job without auditioning? I have no audition pieces yet. I need some, and this is a perfect opportunity to get some and get them polished up under professional tutelage.

Too many choices, not enough dinero. Plus, the guilt factor of frittering away my girlfriends inheritance, and she’d let me, silly her. Really if it were just me, those credit cards would be flaming.

I will have to run this all by her tonight, because I need to sign up by tomorrow before any more classes fill up. I just checked the website and Auditioning is now closed because it’s full.

Well, that’s one choice off the table.


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