Dec 28 – Big Time, Small Screen.

The clown video I worked on for the Seattle Opera is now on YouTube. I have now used about five seconds of my fifteen minutes of fame. My part is very small. I am the second clown standing in line, wearing a bee vest and I have an orange hat.

It was interesting to see the video. When you are on a film shoot you end up seeing everything from your perspective, not the camera’s, which can be very different. Plus how sound carries is different. And then editing makes a huge difference, so what you have experienced looks nothing at all like the final product.

The kid in the video was quite the precocious child. He was good for about the first half hour then he got bored and wanted to do something else. It is hard to understand him a few times in the video and I know what he was saying. I was impressed by the fact that he memorized so many lines. But then there were times I was like wanted to go up to him and say, Kid, settle down and say your lines, and stop complaining that the salami you are beating the guy with smells like poo. Yes, in case you couldn’t tell, it’s a stick of salami.

Two of the guys from my clown class were also in there, the guy in the jester hat with the boxing gloves, and the tall guy standing next to him on the right. I didn’t get to talk or work with them once we started shooting, which was too bad.

Apparently this will be streaming on the Seattle Opera website soon, but for now I will have to settle for it being on YouTube, as I await my two tickets to see Pagliacci. It’s not cash, but hey, you got to start somewhere.

For my description of the day of the shoot, click here.


2 Responses to “Dec 28 – Big Time, Small Screen.”

  1. Oh yeah, you were great in this video too. This Gannon. I love your quiver right before you are taken in to audition. When he throws you out looks great too. Especially since your hat fell off. Great work and cool blog!

  2. Wow, you’re really famous now. I didn’t even know you sang opera! Thanks for explaining which one you were cuz I didn’t actually recognize you. Then I think they should have slo-mo’ed the part where you drop your hat cuz that is probably the funniest bit in the whole thing.

    BTW what did you sing?

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