Nov 26 – I can’t drive 55.

Back from the Turkey Day holiday and my visit to Gluttonville and Slothtown. I didn’t have any acting classes this weekend due to the holiday, which was actually kind of nice. A chance to relax on the weekend for once.

Still, I am looking forward to going back to clown class on Wednesday. It is the last clown class. And then I should have Stage Combat for another two weeks or so, and then I am on break. What am I going to do with myself?

Last clown class we did some more warm up exercises, which I can remember exactly due to senses dulled by overeating. Then we went on to more of Three Clowns on a Bench Doing Nothing. We all were low energy. I was still getting over my cold. We went up, we fizzled out, we sat down.

My next time up I vowed to be more energetic. The hard thing I found was getting a response from my partners. Not that they weren’t trying their little clown hearts out as well, but it felt like we were not on the same wavelength to me.

The idea is we sit there waiting for something to happen, and then when we get a proposal of some sort, we try and follow the thread. I felt like I proposed things and no one picked up on them. I felt like I was tossing dead pigeons in the air. Fly. Be Free…


My partners probably felt similarly. Especially the first time up. Oy, that was a painful go. The second time I tried to make myself and my proposals clearer so that someone would notice. Hey, hey, look at me.

We finally got something going. Something really stupid, but that’s clowns for you. Then I got too big. I dumped one of my partners on the floor (don’t worry she let me). In clown reality that was a serious assault that came out of nowhere. It’s not that I couldn’t dump her on the ground, but it was that I did it without enough build up.

Sort of like going from zero to sixty without the speed build up in between. I went from about 15 mph to 60 instantaneously. Bam! Even if 16 to 59 mph had taken a few seconds, the build up would have been visible and then the 60 mph dumping off the bench would have made more sense. Not a horrible mistake, but an interesting one.


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